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Medifolks is wholly owned by Redgiant Hospital and Health Services Private Limited and marketed worldwide by Redgiant Consultants ltd. The information you get from our services cannot be regarded as professional medical or legal advice. Our business is to coordinate our customers to make world class medical services affordable.

We have satisfied customers who would vouch for our services. They have used our services in the past and are happy with the experience. However, we claim no responsibility to the outcome of any medical or surgical procedures. There are certain levels of risks involved in almost any kind of medical procedures and can't accept any responsibility for such procedures provided by our partners. We act as third party facilitators, connecting our customers to the service partners. We also make arrangements for travel and logistics.

No information provided in the website can be treated as part of an agreement or contract. The information provided is for educational purposes only. It is important that you consult your physician regarding your health conditions.

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