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Frequently Asked Questions

It is important therefore that you consult a qualified medical practitioner if you have any healthcare questions.

What is Medical Tourism?

"Medical Tourism" talks about travelling of a person from one place to another in search of medical treatments. Most often, such travellers seek a holiday at the destination. Thus, medical tourism is a mix of both health care and holiday. There may be different reasons for seeking medical treatments abroad. The high costs in countries like UK and USA force many people to think about cheaper alternatives. Countries like India, Malaysia, Thailand, etc attract patients with world-class facilities and affordable treatments. Patients from underdeveloped countries also seek quality healthcare in other countries. They travel abroad, because their countries lack reasonably good healthcare facilities.

Why would anyone use Medifolks?

Medifolks has a great track record of facilitating world class treatments at affordable costs in India. We consistently provide quality services through our partner, who deliver world-class treatments and meet the requirements of our customers. At an affordable price We organize different parts of planning – viz. making travel arrangements, fixing treatment schedule, and holiday planning.

What will be the savings on a treatment?

As you can normally expect, the cost of treatment varies according to the type and complexity of the procedure. In any case, we assure you significant savings on your health care expenses, while not compromising on the quality of treatment you get. contact us for a quote and see for yourself the savings you can make on any kind of medical/cosmetic procedure also the cost is advertised under each procedure with a comparison of UK and USA rates.

Do you give medical opinions and advice on treatments?

We do not provide medical advice. It is our policy not to advise our customers on medical treatments. However, we can arrange for expert medical advice in case you need it. We make this available through our partners. Provide accurate and complete information regarding your health condition and our partners abroad can identify your conditions and suggest an appropriate course of treatment or clinical procedure.

Will I be able to go sight-seeing?

In normal cases, sight-seeing is included in most medical tourism trips. However, if you are having procedures like cardiac bypass, this may not be possible. For other procedures like cosmetic treatments or dental procedures, you can often go sight seeing with the permission of your doctor. If your doctor permits, we can schedule some sightseeing trips and its out pleasure to organise it. Most of our holiday packages vary according to different season, please see what is available on the Ayurveda page.

Can I make my own travel arrangements?

We make travel arrangements for all our customers. However, if you feel like making alternative travel arrangements, you are free to do so. However, it is your responsibility to make sure your travel schedule fits into your treatment schedule.

Can I take someone with me?

Yes. You are free to take someone with you. However, inform us about the person accompanying you, so that we can make necessary arrangements for travel and accommodation. We can also make the necessary arrangements for stress-free travel.

Do the service providers speak English?

The partner hospitals have English speaking staff, who speaks fluent English. Thus, stress-free communication is not a big issue.

What about special requirements?

We will accommodate every special requirement as best as we can. Do give the details of the special requirements in advance. This will help us better plan for and to make necessary arrangements for you.

What about "after-care"?

"After-care" programs will be suggested by your physician. Depending on the type of treatments and procedures you have undergone, the after-care programs would vary. You can contact us with your doubts up to six months after you have undergone the treatments.


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