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Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Medifolks – the global medical tourism initiative that provides you high quality medical attention abroad at reasonable costs. We are your perfect partner – from the first consultation with your physician, on the trip to the destination, and on your return home after you are well. We offer our services through a network of partner hospitals in different countries.

About us:

1. We don't provide healthcare services. We act as a third party facilitator and connect you to healthcare providers. Our partners are located in different countries, from where you can get quality, affordable healthcare services. We encourage you to get a good understanding of the procedures. We also encourage you to seek clarification over whatever confusions you may have. We arrange for surgical procedures of all kinds. We want you to be fully aware of every aspect of undergoing a clinical procedure. Surgeries of all kinds come with some levels of risks.

Since we are only a third party facilitator, we cannot be held responsible for any liabilities arising from the use of services from our partners.

We will provide reasonable support to anyone who needs to return for remedial care. In case there is a dispute between you and your surgeon, it will normally be carried out in the country, in which you have undergone the procedure. You can also take the dispute to a court in a different country, if both parties have agreed upon.


We address all customer complaints with utmost care and urgency. In case you have a complaint regarding clinical procedures, treatments or other conditions, you can forward it to our medical officer at


2. a) Our quotes are all inclusive including travel costs, consultations, and costs of medical treatments. In case there are complications, the costs can exceed the original estimates. You can check the chances of additional expenses at the time of your booking.

2. b). Quotes for any other service are provided as per the agreements. The validity of our quotes are a period of 30 days.

3. You need to make a deposit to confirm your chosen travel, treatment and accommodation plans. Normally, the deposit is 30% of the amount quoted. You can pay the remainder 15 days prior to your treatments. We accept electronic transfer, bank drafts, credit cards and debit cards.

4. We collect personal information from our customers. This is necessary to coordinate and facilitate the services we offer. The personal information we collect include, but not limited to:

  • Name and address
  • Date of Birth
  • Passport and Travel details
  • Contact details, mobile phone numbers and e-mail addresses
  • Bank account and credit card details
  • Medical information
  • Personal Data from the website
  • Partner information.
  • Race ethnic Origin
  • Sexuality

Providing timely, accurate and complete information is essential for us to deliver the services to our customers. Failure in providing the information can result in delay or non-provision of the services.

While providing you a quote, "Medifolks" may require to share the personal information with partners and service providers. We take every necessary care to ensure your personal information is used for the sole purpose of providing the services you have requested. We also take care to ensure the providers are bound to privacy and confidentiality obligations.

Permitted Disclosure

Legal Advisers, Courts, Accountants, Tracing Agents. Producing a written court order.

Keeping accurate Information

Medifolks tries to make sure the personal information we collect, use and disclose is complete and accurate. The accuracy of the information depends on your providing the complete and accurate information. We also encourage you to advise us of any omissions or errors in the details you have submitted. Inform us if there is any change in address, contact numbers, or medical conditions.

5. We contact you by fax, email and telephone about the medical treatments planned, medical information, and travel details. We take maximum care to ensure your personal information remains confidential.

6. We also collect details of website use by visitors to the site. This includes time of visit, amount of time, pages visited, links clicked, etc. We will not use or share personally identifiable information collected this way. We use usage statistics to enhance our web pages, so that we can change the design and/or contents of the pages. Personally identifiable information like name, email, etc will not be collected without the knowledge of the users. Users can enter personal details like name, contact information, and details of health condition to avail our services.

Cookies - Our website use small text files called cookies, which will be placed on your computer. These cookies send us information about your previous visits to the website. They also remember your preferences of using our website on your computer. These cookies don't collect information that is not related to the use of our website. These cookies enhance the experience of using our website.

You can change disable cookies for your internet browser. However, this is not recommended as it will affect the experience of using the website. You may not be able to access certain areas and you may not be able to use the full functionalities of the site.

We provide advice regarding health, medical/surgical procedures, etc. We try to provide accurate information/tips/advice. However, we strongly encourage you to discuss your conditions with your physician before starting any treatments or clinical procedures.

Links & Privacy Policy of Other Sites

This website may link to web pages of other websites. Such links are provided for information purposes only. Such websites have different privacy policies, over which we have no control. Read and understand the privacy policy of any such websites before providing any personal information like name or email address.

Use of Sensitive Information

Medifolks may collect personal information that is 'sensitive information', and may relate to health or medical details – such as medical reports.

Such information is necessary for the delivery of the services as advertised in this website. Such information will be disclosed only for the explicit purpose for which you have provided such information. It will be forwarded only to the party or parties as required for the fulfilment of any services requested. Whenever sensitive medical information is passed to third parties, it will be according to the explicit requirements of the services requested.

7. You must treat any medical tips or advice provided by Medifolks as informational/educational material only. The information you get through email doesn't supplement or replace medical consultation. Our system do not claim to have the independent judgement of a physician, as to the best course of treatments required by any patient. We provide the best information that will help you with making timely and accurate health care decisions.


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